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Email Template

          Dear Congressman Jones,
          I am a constituent of your district, live in Cumming, GA (South Forsyth area). I want to bring a concern of thousands of residents in this area to your attention. The County Board of Commissioners are hearing CP190040 on 11/21/19 at 5pm. We need support of your esteemed office to represent our concerns. Additional details of this issue on the below - 
          Around 10 sub-divisions, including big and small, surrounding the Forsyth Quarry - M2 Zoned area are opposing the application for New Asphalt plant. There was one plant that has been operating here for 30 years. The zoning approval was done in 1990's, at that time there was no residential communities. Subsequently, the Forsyth County has been giving permissions to build residential and commercial communities, and today the M2 zone area is surrounded by thousands of residents living and working. We have been inhaling the pollutant air emitted by this plant. 
          We want the plan to die out naturally, and not relocate to another site within the M2 zoned area. The County and Developer argue that, the new plant will have the same capacity and throughput, our concern is that this new plant extends our problems for another 30 years. We are extremely concerned about this issue, on our kids, on old aged people, the property values and so on. 
          Please say NO to this Asphalt plant on our behalf. Please let the Commissioners of Forsyth County know that you received our concerns and you are standing on our side. That means a lot to us, and we will be ever grateful to you and will use every opportunity to show our gratitude.